Become A Business That Does What It Says It Will

Whether your team can deliver the right thing at the right time, no matter what, just shouldn’t be a question you need to ask.


About Build@Beach

We believe that there are way too many great ideas out there that don’t come to fruition. Too many businesses that don’t make the money they should because they just can’t make the right things happen. Too many voices that aren’t heard. Too many organisations that don’t have the impact they might if they could just make things more “doable”.

The world doesn’t need more ideas - we have more than enough information, inspiration and choice at our fingertips. What we’re lacking (in spades) is the ability to turn that savvy and knowledge, those ideas and plans into meaningful actions.

At Build@Beach, we help leaders and senior executives in small- and medium-sized businesses, like you, close the gaps between your brilliant ideas and the all-too-important execution of them. We help you ensure your teams can deliver first time, every time - predictably and profitably.

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Let’s talk about how taking small steps to execution excellence can help you motivate your teams, make bold decisions about game-changing projects, maintain competitive advantage and deliver the right results and the right time despite an ever-changing landscape.

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The Team


Founder & Lead Delivery Specialist

Kirsty Starmer

Kirsty is the Lead Delivery Specialist at Build@Beach. She As a self-professed do-aholic, sports fiend and compulsive people watcher and can’t bear to watch good ideas and good people get lost amongst complexity, bureaucracy and everything besides.

With over 15 years’ experience of delivery, execution and “getting stuff done” gained in organisations of all types and sizes with all kinds of people, Kirsty can hone in on key issues with lightening speed. And this, combined with her knowledge and experience as a sports coach, player and nigh-on obsessive student of all things performance, gives her an incredibly unique insight into how we can all excel at execution. Kirsty’s client portfolio includes: Rickshaw Travel, Source code Recruitment, United Nations and British Airways amongst many more.

She firmly believes that small groups are the units of change in organisations and that complexity is the enemy of progress - two philosophies she puts behind all of her work.

Kirsty is also a wife, mum, beach volleyball fanatic, practising writer and comedian and lover of coffee and toblerone.



Specialist Crew

a merry band of subject matter experts

If you’re ever faced with someone who says they can do everything brilliantly, it’s probably best to crank up your suspicion- and BS-ometers and gesticulate wildly while shouting “squirrel” as you run purposefully in the opposite direction.

At Build@Beach we not only pride ourselves on knowing our strengths and limitations, but also on the quality of the company we keep so no matter what we’re facing we know a person who can - like really can, really well.



Leaders & Senior Executives

Yes, that’s you!

You’re a smart, practical leader or senior exec who wants to make things happen. And you’ve been trying - my goodness you’ve been trying - but nothing seems to have fallen into place as you’d hoped. And, quite frankly, it’s doing your head in.

You spend more time micro-managing than you care to think about, often feel like you’re herding cats rather than managing a business and you’re utterly fed up of seeing so many things started and not finished correctly. You have some truly smart people in your business but making anything happen at the right time, in the right way just feels really arduous.

You’re also a natural problem solver, a deep thinker and like to get to the bottom of things but you know when it’s time to bring in someone else to give you another perspective and fast-track the whole process.

Most importantly, you’re ready to change things - get the wheels turning and the plans delivering. While we focus on our strengths to identify the best way for your team to execute, you can focus on yours.